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Clitoral Pumps

Hardening of the arteries, diabetes and other age-related conditions can reduce blood flow to the clitoris. This, in turn, reduces sensitivity, pleasure, and the ability to reach orgasm.

Clitoral pumps create a vacuum that uses suction to draw blood into the clitoris. They have a pump to create a vacuum, and a cup that is placed over the clitoris and/or labia. Some clitoral pumps have ribbed or nubby cups to increase stimulation.

Adding a clitoral pump to foreplay increases blood flow to the clitoris which enhances sexual satisfaction and increases the likelihood of orgasm. You can also use one in conjunction with a clitoral vibrator: the pump increases blood flow the clitoris, making it more sensitive, then the vibration is used for achieving orgasm. Some clitoral pumps include a vibrating function.

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