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Sex Aids for Beginners

More and more seniors are discovering the benefits of sex aids or toys. They aid in arousal and relieve the strain on tired or arthritic hands when prolonged stimulation is needed. Remember that sexual activity, solo or partnered, is good for your health with aging. Sexual aids and toys help.

Many people want to try using a sex toy, but aren't sure how to purchase one or what to choose. The main challenge is the huge variety and number of products out there. The selection can be overwhelming. Who would have thought there were so many shapes, sizes, power options, price ranges, and more?

We put together this selection of Beginner Sex Toys to help make that first purchase (or second, or third...) easier. These sexual aids are all simple to use (no complicated functions or controls), non-intimidating, reliable, and high-quality. Find that perfect first vibrator for women, or for men, sexual aids to help with arousal or ED. We've included products for men and women, for solo and partnered use.

Enjoy the shopping process. Have fun with it! Involve your partner if you wish. If you have questions, try our Buying Guide or use our Ask the Experts feature. We're always happy to help.